Organisational & Cultural Diagnostics

I support you to build a coherent road map in a healthy and holistic way to enable whole system change.

I bring over 20 years’ experience of facilitating restructures and integration of mergers and acquisitions and together with my expertise and accreditation in applying a variety of diagnostic tools I help to ensure that any change is consciously managed in a way that is healthy for the individuals, the business and the customers.

Cultural Capital – the frontier of competitive advantage
At the heart of your competitive advantage is your culture.  It is the uniqueness of your business, defining who you are and what you stand for.  It’s quite simply the most difficult thing to copy.

The Culture of an Organisation – as above, so below
Culture is a reflection of the leader and the leadership team and represents their consciousness and stages of psychological development.

Cultural Transformation  – personal transformation
Often we are not conscious of the leadership team values and I can powerfully bring these into focus to know what is supporting and what is limiting the leaders and the organisation to achieve at their best.

Measurement Matters – what you measure, tends to improve
Great businesses have vibrant cultures that create internal cohesion, attract the best talent and inspire people to go the extra mile, so it is truly worth measuring.

Accredited in Values based Cultural Transformation tools I work with you to measure the amount of energy in a group that is consumed in productive and unproductive work (cultural entropy).  Together, we explore the amount of conflict, friction and frustration that exists within a group and create a practical plan focused on the hotspots required for healthy transformation and to improve performance.


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect – Mark Twain

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